My Name Is Anna

Two sisters desperate to unlock the truth. But how much will they sacrifice to lay the past to rest?

Anna is turning eighteen. She has been taught by her Mamma that cleanliness and purity are the path to God.

But Anna is rebelling. She’s waited her whole life to visit Florida’s biggest theme park and now she’s going against her Mamma’s wishes.

So why, when Anna arrives, is she so certain she’s been there before?

Rosie has grown up in the shadow of a missing sister she barely remembers. Her parents’ relationship has been fractured by fifteen years of searching for their daughter.

Now Rosie is determined to uncover the truth, however painful, before it tears her family apart…

A whirl of bright colours. A voice, calling.

I know it’s me they’re seeking, but something isn’t right. The name they’re calling isn’t mine.